Our Mahogany

30 years ago in 1987 our owner, Glenn Ruesswick, was busy running a company that performed architectural woodworking services for different clients. One of these jobs was located in Rye, New Hampshire, and called for 16/4 Honduran mahogany in many thousands of board feet.

The mahogany was purchased in a singular batch, the job completed, and the mahogany put in storage. 30 years later, we are left with a large quantity of rich dark brown and red Honduran mahogany, that you just cannot find anymore (unless of course you are willing to wait 30 years). 

We recognize that Luthiers and instrument makers alike can utilize our product to create something very special and unique, and we would like nothing more than to make that happen. By selling our blanks in different shapes and sizes, anyone can have one delivered to their door that matches their criteria, with a quality piece and a fair price.